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    East Bay Paint Center is proud to be a Festool dealer, and stock an extensive assortment of Festool Extractors, Sanding machines and supplies. Festool has set the industry standard for dustless paint removal. Festool manufactures a complete line of extractors and sanding tools. The Festool system is entirely HEPA, not just simply one that uses a HEPA filter. This means that you can dry sand surfaces painted with a lead based paint using proper procedures.

    All Festool products come with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty, the best warranty in the industry. As mentioned, we carry an extensive selection of Festool extractors, grinders and sanders. In addition, we carry hoses, fittings, bags, pads and a wide selection of the Granat non-loading sandpaper in all sizes.

    Festool is the most efficient sanding system in the industry. When utilizing the Festool system, surface preparation is reduced by as much as 25%, increasing the profitability of your jobs.

    We have demo units hooked up and ready for use in our store. Come on in and see how you can improve the profitability of your jobs today!

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