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Environmentally Friendly Products - Eco Paints

Water based paints require the used of flowing agents, driers and other raw materials which emit odors and pollutants. These are known as Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC's for short. As the green movement surges forward, paint manufacturer's have responded by producing paints with low or no VOC content. These paints are known as low VOC and in some cases, 0 VOC paints.

Benjamin Moore has a 0 VOC level for all six lines of interior painting products. Aura, Natura, Regal, Select, Eco Spec, Ben and Ultra Spec comprise the family of 0 VOC interior paints. The six product lines give you the most comprehensive variety of pricing and quality options in the industry for your painting projects. All products are Green Seal approved due to their 0 VOC content.

Current regulations allow paints which are 0 VOC before tinting, to be labeled as 0 VOC after tinting, even though VOC laden colorants are added to achieve the desired color of paint. The Gennex colorant system from Benjamin Moore is made up of tints which have 0 VOC's. The six product lines from Benjamin Moore detailed above all utilize the Gennex tinting system, giving your paint 0 VOC levels, even after tinting. There are multiple sheen options available with each paint line.

For low VOC exterior paints, Benjamin Moore offers Aura™ Regal Select™ and Ben™ product lines. Aura™ is a super premium, high build exterior paint, whereas the Regal Select™ and Ben™ paints have a conventional film build. Aura™ is available in flat, low luster, satin and semi gloss. Regal Select™ and Ben™ are available in flat, low luster and soft gloss. All paints have the ability to be applied in temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

For more product info check out the Benjamin Moore website for product details: http://www.benjaminmoore.com/

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Natura is one of the greenest products in the painting industry. In addition to being 0 VOC, Natura is also 0 emissions, making it a safer product for your family as well as the environment. It is made with renewable raw materials, making it greener than even traditional 0 VOC paints. For the safest and greenest premium interior paint, Natura is your choice.

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